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BE A More

10 courses for $29 - limited time only


Reach your music career potential!

Virtually every independent artist today is making less money from their music than they should.

We’re setting out to change that... 

As a musician you can no longer rely on music sales alone. We will teach you to generate more income from your music by helping you capture all your music’s revenue streams – including YouTube, publishing, and live gigs.

We’ve gathered some of the brightest minds in the industry, and got them to spill their secrets – with stories, anecdotes, and hard facts designed specifically to make you, the independent artist, more successful.

“I personally learned more than in the last 10 years of my career. The panels were aimed to help independent artists succeed. There was NO ego. I highly recommend this for any independent artist trying to make a career in this crazy business we call the music industry!”
— DIY Musician Participant

Now you can get exclusive video access to 10 hard- hitting, highly targeted video courses for just $29!

These video classes by industry insiders will teach you:

• How to make better recordings on a budget
• How to create the perfect new release plan
• How to get more (and better paying) gigs
• How to put on a show that really inspires fans
• How to market your music online more effectively
• How to earn more money from your music
• How to forge the music career that’s right for you

“As an independent artist, I was beyond thrilled to get such powerful information about growing my business and improving my performance.”
— DIY Musician Participant

Is DIY Musician University for you?

Have you felt your music career is not advancing as quickly as you'd like? Do you think you're leaving money on the table? Got questions about what to do next, and don't know where to look or who to ask? Regardless of whether you've been recording and gigging for years or you just get your band together, these video courses are for you!

Don’t miss your chance to get access to this exclusive insider content that is guaranteed to help your music career.