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Why start a university for musicians?

At CD Baby we know a thing or two about helping musicians become more successful. We've been distributing and selling independent artists' music for almost 20 years.

Last October CD Baby organized its first DIY Musician Conference. The event quickly sold out, and the 1,000 musicians, performers, and songwriters in attendance were inspired by dozens of industry experts to take their music careers to the next level.

We put together video content from 10 of the most popular classes we offered, and are now making them available for the first time to independent artists worldwide.

These are not your usual bland music conference general sessions that you can’t do anything with (nor are they your typical boring academic classes). Our video courses include dynamic presentations and panel discussions by faculty who have been in the independent music trenches for decades. Our videos are geared specifically to you, the independent artist, with practical, hard-hitting tips that are simple to implement (and with a high success rate).

You can expect:

  • Credible, experienced speakers and faculty
  • Topics that are specific to independent DIY artists
  • Instructions and information that is at your level, and easy to understand
  • A strong DIY ethos that permeates every video course (and sometimes the video footage)
  • Lots of tips, tricks, and advice that is actionable and simple to implement