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What It is. Why It Pays. How to Get Your Share (56:44)

SoundExchange has distributed more than $3 billion in royalties to artists and labels. Whenever your music is played on satellite, internet, or cable radio, you’re owed money, and SoundExchange collects it for you. But do you know how and where to get it? In this video, Lauren Danzy of SoundExchange talks about protecting your digital rights and claiming what’s yours.

You’ll learn:

  • What SoundExchange is, what royalties they collect, and whether you qualify.
  • A primer on the various copyrights on a recording.
  • Statutory royalties vs. direct licensing deals.
  • The essence of the Fair Pay Fair Play effort to get terrestrial radio to pay royalties.
  • How to register for SoundScan.
  • How you can collect your royalties.

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Your presenter:

Lauren Danzy - Marketing Manager, SoundExchange

Lauren Danzy manages marketing strategies for SoundExchange, the non-profit performance rights organization that collects digital performance royalties from satellite, Internet and cable radio and distributes these royalties to featured recording artists and copyright owners. Lauren is a self-professed music junkie and drummer wannabe, claiming she’s “Sheila E. in [her] head.”